Volkan Yavuz

Detailed-oriented and innovative software developer with 10+ years of experience with building web-based software applications using LAMP stack.

Professional strengths include a deep knowledge of software development tools and working in fast-paced, deadline-oriented environments.

Productive individual dedicated to maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge and IT skills.



BS in Computer Science

City University of New York

Soft Skills



Written and verbal communication


Logical thinking & problem-solving


Patience & attention to detail




Interpersonal personality


Coding Skills







Object-oriented design




Testing and debugging




Source Control


Operating Systems







Jan 2019 - Current

Manager of Software Engineering (Mobile Apps)

Feb 2018 - Jan 2019
Internet Brands

Lead Software Engineer

Designed, architected, tested, and deployed in-house web-based systems.

Improved overall code-base for the result of increasing Google page-speed scores of the SEO oriented application

Led the development of upgrading Laravel 4.2 to 5.7 which resulted in increased page speeds and also implemented asset management using npm

Optimized speed in API calls by refactoring code and introducing a new caching mechanism using Redis

Built vagrant dev environment for other developers which mirrors the production server

Wrote bash scripts to automate deployment using Jenkins, collaborated with the Q&A team which led to improved test automations

Created technical documentations on Confluence to help developers understand development changes, mentored and reviewed other developer’s code

Jan 2013 - Dec 2017
Forbes Media, LLC

Senior Platform Engineer

Responsible for the architecture, development, developing and maintaining a %99.99999 up-time of the internal company Publishing Platform; Editorial Tools v1.

This platform is used by hundreds of our contributors, editors and producers daily to publish articles to the company web site, allowing them to easily edit pages with convenient article promotion to specific locations on the site and title as well as headline and description in-line editing. Notable features of this platform also include image replacement, promotion and cropping. Additionally, this platform has been successfully licensed to other publishing web sites.

Implementation of this platform was executed in a custom written WordPress-like code with PHP, Mongo and our custom JAVA API in the back-end and a JAVA templating engine on the front-end.

Responsibilities have evolved further to include developmental lead of Editorial Tools v2 using AngularJS on the front-end, Zend Framework 2, Mongo and our custom JAVA API on back-end, and maintaining Continuous Development using Jenkins.

Jul 2011 - Dec 2012
Globalworks Group LLC

Web Application Architect

Key role in the redesign of next generation web application for a Fortune 500 Company’s extranet, intranet and public facing website.

Sole developer responsible for coding & implementation of client CMS using Zend Framework

Responsible for managing, development, staging, testing and production servers on a load-balanced Linux environment

Implemented Memcached on production and staging servers

Configuration and maintenance of Git on all servers

Created a RESTful API that communicates with client’s DAL server as well as cronjobs that run daily for up-to-date transactional data

Developed functions for Magento Enterprise platform to make use of client RESTful APIs

Principal role of post-launch hot bug fixing whenever needed

Writing of technical specifications and guidelines for training front-end developers

Experience working with Scrum software development methodologies

Versatility to assist other developer teams with building standalone campaign pages in a .NET environment using C#

Jan 2010 - Jan 2011

Software Engineer

Vital member of the Engineering Team responsible with developing the company’s next generation platform, MyBuilding.org v2.0 based on Zend Framework and MySQL.

Contributed to MyBuilding v1.0 to standardize the overall software development process and engine, improve legacy code base to enhance performance of the application by implementing classes from Zend Framework

Provided performance tuning towards the admin/back-end development for allowance of high-traffic which was achieved by making use of Zend_Db and its adapters with SQL statements re-written and memcaching enabled

Produced code with technical documentation which is scalable and maintainable code

Apr 2007 - May 2008
Avatar New York

Web Application Developer

Used agile techniques for various web projects and built, tested, launched and maintained LAMP-based web applications.

Wrote, updated and maintained code as advised by client technology executives and CTO

Operated in an individual and small team capacity of 2 people to deliver on time, error-free coding

Involved in design development and maintenance as a member of the engineering team

Served in management role regarding client communications of project status


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